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Specialized Courses

Specialized Courses

GWO FA and GWO FAR courses

Conducted in cooperation with a certified training center - European Wind Academy, and in accordance with the Global Wind Organization standards.

Courses designed for the wind energy sector - wind turbine technicians (installation and service).

Duration: 8h (GWO FA refresher) 16h (GWO FA)

Course content:
  • safety at the scene (safety issues related to the wind energy sector);
  • legal aspects around first aid (global and European law, and ERC / AHA guidelines);
  • identification of life- or health-threatening conditions;
  • emergency response plan on a wind farm (wind turbine working environment);
  • chain of survival, casualty assessment according to Scheme "C" ABC;
  • basic life support and the use of an AED;
  • injuries in the wind energy sector and trauma examination;
  • use of available rescue equipment in simulated scenarios.