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First Aid - basic course

First Aid - basic course

Szkolenie realizowane w języku angielskim z uwzględnieniem najczęściej występujących stanów zagrożenia życia i zdrowia - w domu, w drodze do pracy, czy w czasie wolnym.

This training is conducted in English and focuses on the most common life-threatening emergencies at home, on the way to work and in free time.

Duration: 5 hours

Course outline:
  • safety of the first-aider, the emergency scene and the casualties;
  • legal obligations related to First Aid;
  • alerting emergency services;
  • casualty assessment, recovery position;
  • life-threatening conditions (chest pain, seizures, dyspnoea);
  • basic life support in an adult and the use of an Automated External Defibrillator;
  • foreign body airway obstruction in an adult;
  • bleeding control, trauma assessment;
  • simulated scenarios.